Welcome back to school everybody. We at Chiv had a particularly transformative summer, and we’re looking forward to, like, sharing that energy with you. Get ready to open your hearts or whatever.

As usual, we’re looking forward to serving you a fresh, hot dish of collegiate whatever, even though that wasn’t really what you ordered. We want to take you through all aspects of your gutter punk 20s. We want to talk about the concerts you’re going to, the systematic injustices that are grinding your gears, the house party bathrooms you’re dry heaving into, the good, the bad, and the ugly (but, like, has a great personality).

What all of this means is, in case you forgot, we’re looking for your writing, your comics, whatever other nonfiction forms of expression you can dream up. We’ll talk. Remember that you can email to send ideas and writing to our eye holes.

Some (very cool) housekeeping things:

We’ve decided to become to a monthly magazine instead of a weekly one because that just seems a lot cooler. So once a month, keep an eye out for an updated site. It’ll be cool. We want you to know that we’re cool.

Our categories for your poppin’ pieces are Review, Culture, QSL, “News,” Feature, and Essay. Don’t worry about figuring that out, though. That’s literally our one job.

To go along with making this publication cooler, we’ve added some cool new people to our editorial team. Send us an email to get in touch with them.

After hearing about how cool we are, you’re probably wondering how you can learn more, submit, be our closest friend, etc. Again, go here to submit–we’d love to hear from you.

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