We take everything, except for your shitty dishes from the kitchen sink. We publish essays, lists, elegies, and drunken rants. We do not publish fiction, but do publish poetry, photo essays, comics, and illustrations in conjunction with written pieces. Submissions are open to Champlain College students, faculty, and alumni.


Chivomengro publishes nonfiction personal essays. We’re interested in hearing your story. Most pieces we publish are between 500 and 2,000 words but we love longer work as well. We love publishing long-form narrative journalism with a personal angle, travel essays, and memoir. We use the Chicago Manual of Style.

Essentially we’re seeking essays wherein the writer sculpts their experience into narrative form to better understand themselves and the world around them.

While we don’t accept fiction, we accept just about everything else, including humor/satire pieces and arts and entertainment reviews.

SAMPLES: The Humble Basement Party, A Beginner’s Guide to Satanism, The Ugly Truth About Vermont Racism, and BROCKHAMPTON — SATURATION II, Boyband Review

We prefer poetry that is no greater than 60 lines BUT we are willing to make exceptions if the length fits the work.


We accept pitches for Chivomengro on a rolling basis and try to respond in a timely fashion. Please keep between 200-2,500 words. See below for suggestions on how to format your pitch.

1. CONTEXT. What are you talking about? How can you educate your audience (who, what, when, where) about your subject? One sentence would be preferable.

2. PITCH. This is where, in a single sentence, you offer your angle. What are you exploring? Make it concise and compelling.

3. RATIONALE. Why should you write this piece? What are the stakes? Why would anyone want to read it? Who would it appeal to? Two, maybe three sentences; the shorter the better.

Submissions and pitches can be sent to

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