The next dank craze:  FINSTAS.  Yes, I said finstas.

Oh, but what is a finsta, you ask?  It’s a fake Instagram account where you post all of your “unappealing” pictures that only a select few are allowed to view:  “just woke up,” “drunk as fuck,” “hungover,” “feelin’ myselfies,” “me eating.”  You name it.  These types of pictures are what one probably wouldn’t post on their normal Instagram account.  Usually created by girls in their late teens and early twenties, Finstas have been blowing up newsfeeds across the country.



To some, Finstas are just another way to show that people are not the celebrities they claim to be on their actual Instagram accounts, but rather they’re just like us. To others, Finstas are the only way people can be proud of who they are without actually showing that they’re confident in their physical appearances. Hence, why the Finsta accounts are on private.

Maggie Healy, a first year student at Marquette University, talked about why having a Finsta account is the only way she can keep up with her elegant-looking Instagram, “It’s hard trying to live up to my Instagram.  Finstas provide me with an outlet to be my true, authentic self.”  Soon after her response, Healy grabbed for a tissue to wipe her tears.


Jessy Moyer, a first year at Champlain College, hid behind a curtain and deepened her voice as I questioned her about Finsta accounts.  After I told her the interview wasn’t on camera, she responded, “No one can ever know that I have a Finsta.  If they did, my superficial Instagram career would be over…Wait, is this not anonymous?”  (Jessy would like everyone to know that I, Kerry Cunningham, wrote this quote, and she agreed to say it was hers.  She welcomes all people to view her Finsta.)


Honestly, Finstas are probably not the next big trend, but they are definitely becoming more and more popular as the next generation of high school and college students arrive into the 21st century.  Not only are they nonsense, they’re fun to have.  What’s more fun than nonsense?  Kickball, probably.  Why not play kickball, and then post a picture on your Finsta of you catching the ball with your face?  I’m sure it’ll get you at least 11 likes.  


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