It’s easy for people to think that it is okay to appropriate sacred religious symbols such as the bindi. A traditional decoration worn by women (and some men) in South Asia, the bindi is worn in the middle of the forehead and is either a small jewel or a dot of maroon or red color,... Continue Reading →

REVIEW: Dan Deacon’s "America"

By Rachel Craig Dan Deacon’s newest release – “America” - may be the most aptly named album of 2012. Deacon draws inspiration from cross-country road trips and the current state of America and crafts an album that seems to perfectly exemplify his feelings towards the good ol’ USA. Using his classical background fused with a... Continue Reading →

The Smell of Latex

By Rachel Craig I do not like and have never liked when people wear sunglasses on the top of their head. I do not like the smell of latex. I don’t mind the smell of gasoline. I do not like mustard, mayonnaise or sour cream. I don’t like drum solos. I like Hemingway and I... Continue Reading →

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