On Donald Trump

Starting in January 2017, Donald J. Trump will be the President of the United States. Fuck. On Tuesday night into Wednesday morning, the country watched livestreams and tracked hashtags late into the night, watching Trump win 279 electoral votes to Secretary Hillary Clinton’s 228. A little after 2 in the morning, this long-fought, overexposed, exhausting... Continue Reading →

Valentines Day in July

Camp Atwood: a little day camp tucked away in a small, wealthy town in Massachusetts—home of heartbreak, tears, and Olympic-sized swimming pools. I spent six summers of my life there. There, I learned how to braid hair, had my first experience with lipgloss, and found out what a handjob was. Throughout the summer, Atwood had special... Continue Reading →

Heloise and the Savoir Faire

The gymnasium at Saint Mike’s has the look and feel of a high school semiformal dance. It’s October 23, and Foster the People is going to play the half-empty gym made up partly of college kids and partly of adults taking their thirteen-year-olds to their first concert. But first, the opener needs to perform. A... Continue Reading →

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