watercoat – “Hibernal Sounds”

Written by Gillianne Ross

The origins of watercoat begin in the small bedrooms of Burlington, at four in the morning, in the dead of winter. Culled out of the chaos of college life, watercoat released their debut album “Hibernal Sounds”.

Drawing inspiration from bands such as Days N’ Daze and Animal Collective, watercoat offers a unique and new sound that speaks the depths of winter in the North. Hailed as the new “Neil Young Thug” by his brother, Justin Creaser serves as the band’s main lyricist. Hunched behind his desk, day and night, dawn to dusk, ten at night to five in the morning, Devin West, the man behind the soundboard, has been hard at work from his first days in Vermont.


Screen Shot 2019-03-03 at 9.46.08 PM
Bandmates from left to right:          Justin Creaser, Sabrina Small,       Devin West, Quentin Hill

Crafting music has been a large part of both West and Creaser’s lives, along with fellow bandmates, Quentin Hill on drums, and Sabrina (Sabrin) Small on vocals. The group has gone through various carnations throughout the year, finally landing in the form of watercoat in early 2019 as the snow blew in.


“Hibernal Sounds” is only one project of many projects for the group, who hopes to put out more new music in the near future. Band mates work in both the sonic and visual arts, which has culminated in the image that watercoat projects to its listeners. Many a night went into the crafting of this album, as well as early morning guitar sessions, which I am proud to have been a listener of. Creaser’s work on vocal layering is an experience few will share with such intimacy as I’ve experienced.

With consideration to the evolution of the groups sound and image, watercoat’s name was the product of four hours of contemplation and many an amusing idea. Mitten Fuck, which Small has claimed as her own, was tossed in the ring.

“Hibernal Sounds” is available on Soundcloud and Bandcamp, as well as cassette tape upon request. The band is available for contact at:???? Go check out their snazzy debut album.

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