Damage from Hurricane Harvey Destroys Everything in Path, Including Self

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On Thursday, October 5th, a story about the devastating, unnatural disaster Hurricane Harvey that swept through Hollywood was released from The New York Times. Sources say that many homes were destroyed without their consent.

In the past few weeks, over 34 of the homes have claimed damages from Hurricane Harvey, stating they “didn’t feel they could come forward about such a terrible event until now.” The ages of the homes that were affected vary between 18 and 80, each of them at different times in their lives.

One of the homes stated that she felt “ashamed” she didn’t speak up earlier about Harvey, but she is hoping the notorious storm ends up in jail.

“No one ever believes homes when they say a storm wiped them out,” a rose-colored house explained. “Whenever one speaks up, it’s blacklisted from ever being purchased again.” When the rose-colored house went to Twitter to criticize Tropical Storm Ben for acting like he had no idea Harvey could cause so much damage, the social network suspended her. Homes all over the country chose to boycott Twitter for a day, in alliance with the rose-colored house.

Although some of the homes were unlocked, they did not give Harvey permission to ruin the interiors. The hurricane gave the excuse that because it originated in unfamiliar territory, it claims it had no awareness that it couldn’t storm the area.

This is one of the first times a hurricane has had consequences for its actions, rather than being celebrated as a national treasure and given permission to “rain” over a nation. Shifting wind patterns carried Harvey out of the country, where its ultimate downfall became inescapable and its reputation never remembered for the plants it watered.

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