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I’m writing this while at my internship. Or my observation, rather.

Either way, despite the title, I’m doing the same thing.

I write a lot of news releases. Which is nice for my portfolio, but really bad for my sanity.

Everyone left to go to lunch and I’m here writing this instead of the news release because I finished writing the news release 30 minutes ago.

I think I’m the only person under the age of 35 in this entire six-floor office building. Nobody’s outfits look good. And their decorations are ugly.

Everything is just so grey here.

And quiet.

If I ever have a full-time desk job, I think I’ll kill myself.

These people literally have nothing to look forward to. Like, ever. Expect maybe their two-week vacation.

I think I would kill myself just waiting for my two-week vacation.

I overhear things like “tonsil cyst” and “irregular bowel movements” and it really makes me wonder why I decided to apply for an internship at a hospital.

It’s because my adviser said hospital experience looks good on a resume.

The other day I had to write an article about skin cancer, which made me think I had skin cancer.

Do you think hypochondria looks good on a resume too?


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