Hawaiian Bracelet

In third grade, I had a boyfriend named James. James had red hair and lived three blocks away from me. We sat next to each other at recess when our friends played truth or dare, and we always walked with Will and Erin on our way to art class because they were the only other... Continue Reading →

From Inside My Cubical

  I’m writing this while at my internship. Or my observation, rather. Either way, despite the title, I’m doing the same thing. I write a lot of news releases. Which is nice for my portfolio, but really bad for my sanity. Everyone left to go to lunch and I’m here writing this instead of the news release because... Continue Reading →


Exactly fifteen years ago, my little sister was brought into this wonderful, confusing, tumultuous clusterfuck of a world. Where has the time gone? Generally, I am not what one would call sentimental, but because I cannot be with her on her big day –and because freshmen year royally sucked – I compiled a list of... Continue Reading →

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