An Interview with Sink

Sink is a game developer and crow princess. Her latest game, Crowtel, is “a cute action platformer about a lazy crow managing a hotel”. Crowtel was made in game maker over the course of 9 months, and features adorable pixel art and a thoroughly charming soundtrack by the talented CaptBeard The game is lovely & short &... Continue Reading →

I Want You to Make a Videogame

Have you ever played a game about coming out? Or surviving an abusive relationship? Or Ke$ha’s crystal sorceress powers?  When I say “videogame,” chances are these games aren’t what you think of. They don’t have sleek graphics or lots of “features.” You can’t preorder them from GameStop. And yet, believe it or not, these games... Continue Reading →


“Games have this capacity for exploring dynamics and systems that no other form does. This was a story about frustration - in what other form do people complain as much about being frustrated? A video game lets you set up goals for the player and make her fail to achieve them. A reader can't fail... Continue Reading →

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