About a Bench

    There is a bench at the intersection of West 46th Street and Lake Harriet Parkway in Minneapolis where I used to sit and read. There is grass growing around the metal legs and the wooden seat has been rained on so many times it seems perpetually damp. The wood slats have cracks in... Continue Reading →


The first snow always reminds me of you and brings with it an intense melancholy. I can’t help but look out the window and be saddened by the thought of you 1000 miles away in the bed of someone that I don’t know. Four years ago at this time we were just meeting for the... Continue Reading →


  Proxemics Syllabification: (prox·e·mics) Pronunciation: /präkˈsēmiks/ noun [treated as singular] the branch of knowledge that deals with the amount of space that people feel it necessary to set between themselves and others. Proxemics. According to proxemics, there are four different types of space that we deal with, consciously and subconsciously, on a daily basis; intimate space, personal space, social... Continue Reading →

Skybox Theatre, Minneapolis, Minnesota

  Dress rehearsals are never the easy ones. Stop, start; stop. Start. Miss a cross; shake it off. Miss a line; pretend it didn’t happen. Don’t go back, don’t falter, remember your lines, ignore the lights, and ignore other people’s mistakes. Focus. Rock, Speak, stand, cross stage left, Speak, stop. Turn, Speak, Listen, cross stage... Continue Reading →

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