The Coal Mine of Love

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Follow me, come along to the Coal Mine of Love

Where we’ll kiss and discuss how we feel

Where we’ll get zero light from the sun up above

And the dangers we’ll face will be real

You can sit by my side in my favorite minecart

Where a rickety ride will ensue

Between my blackened lungs lies a red beating heart

That appears to beat only for you

It’s not terribly safe, I would not tell a lie

Cave-ins and more are ordinary

But I’ll do all I can to make sure you don’t die

I promise you’re not my canary

I will stay by your side, wait on you hand and foot

I’ll make sure you’re not crushed or buried

Although my wedding gown may be covered in soot

I hope that we still can be married

Grab a pickaxe and shovel and we’ll dig for coal

Bring a drink, if you feel so inclined

For regardless of whether we ever strike gold

I sure hope I’ll at least make you mine

November 2023 Audrey Orenstein Justin Bissonette

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