You Won’t Believe These Celebrity Look Alikes

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A group of Champlain College students got together to show that Vermont has the highest population of celebrity doppelgängers in any state. It’s quite remarkable how much they all look like our favorite stars!

Tony Hawk


While this Digital Filmmaking student may lack the sick, radical skateboarding skills of his celebrity copy, there’s no mistaking they’re nearly identical! Totally tubular!

Freddie Prinze Jr.


Ruh roh, reader! Who came first—Freddie, or the college student!? This graphic design major actually worked as Freddie’s stand-in & stuntman for the first Scooby Doo movie. Jinkies!

Frankie Muniz


Did god just get lazy and hit copy and paste? Just like his celebrity dead ringer, this Creative Media junior has faded into obscurity and really just doesn’t do anything anymore. Who were we talking about again?

Sen. Bernie Sanders


Look! Glasses! You’ll have to clean yours to make sure these pictures aren’t duplicates. The fact that our own Vermont-representing Senator and this Data Analytics first-year aren’t actually related? Unacceptable!!

Mary Kate & Ashley Olsen


These two environmental policy majors are actually sisters, just like the famous twins from Full House! Not to mention the resemblance between all four of them is super striking – The Challenge is to figure out who’s who! Seeing double? More like seeing quadruple!

Lil’ Romeo


Parents Just Don’t Understand—but you’ll understand the resemblance between this Digital Forensics major and the greatest rapper of our time, Lil’ Romeo! Knowing they’re twins is as easy as knowing Your ABC’s! There’s no denying they’re both So Fly!

That one extra from that one episode of F.R.I.E.N.D.S.


Everyone’s favorite character from the hit sitcom makes a reappearance, in the form of their college student copy-cat! Just between you and me, this Professional Writing major is a total Rachel.

Air Bud

AirBud.pngThis last one, you’ll have to look twice to make sure you’re not looking at the same picture—it’s a mind fuck. We know.

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