What Your Choice of Champlain Coffee Says About You

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IDX Coffee, Paper Cup: We get it–that all-nighter was rough. But at least your Core paper is done. We all make mistakes. You deserve a frikken’ nap.

Zime Coffee: Either it’s the start of the semester and you’re bingeing on Flex Points, or you aren’t on campus enough to have spent them all at the Grille already. Nonetheless, that green cup means you’ve got money.

Speeder and Earl’s: Long day skiing yesterday? Took a nasty fall from your longboard? If you’ve got Speeder and Earl’s, you can probably understand the classic bro code: Ski and Ride.

Klean Kanteen: I was going to write about coffee here, but let’s be real– if it’s a Klean Kanteen, it’s tea or whiskey. The world will never be able to tell.

Your Own Ceramic Mug: You’ve got time on your hands. Make sure you don’t slip on the ice outside Ireland.


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