Bobby Shmurda’s “Hot N*gga”

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Bobby Shmurda, a 20 year old up-and-coming Jamaican American Brooklynite, has somehow managed to shmunite the world. Shmurda’s first single, “Hot Nigga” shockingly shot up to NO.2 on Billboard charts. In this three minute rap, Shmurda tells his story of growing up in Brooklyn. Like many rappers, he reps his gang, talks about sex, drugs, and guns. But what has the internet enthralled is the Shmoney dance, which has gone viral after the release of this shmon-sense of a song. Not only are hip-hop artists such as T.I, French Montana and Cory Gunz remixing the New Yorkian rap song and doing the Shmurda dance, but people around the world are now Shmoneying everywhere. Whether or not Shmurda will continue to shine – and whether we’ll all end up Shmoneyin’ –  remains to be seen, but his popularity hangs in the balance.


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