ISIS Militants Show Interest in Buying Atlanta Hawks

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Bruce Levenson recently announced that he would sell his controlling stake in the Atlanta Hawks franchise due to the racial controversy of an email he sent in 2012. Levenson complained in the email that the black fan base made ‘southern whites uncomfortable’ and that he wished to draw larger crowds of middle-aged white males to games. Levenson reasoned that this demographic would be more likely to afford Atlanta Hawks’ tickets.

After the news was released to the public, Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, leader of the Islamic militant group ISIS expressed interest in buying the team. The al Qaeda splinter group is moving up in the world after recently seizing multiple cities in the Middle East in effort to create one united Islamic state in Iraq and Syria.

These recent conquests have NBA owners believing that ISIS may now have enough money to pull off the purchase of the Atlanta basketball team. A senior U.S. intelligence official said that, “The Islamic State of Iraq and Syria is the strongest it has been in several years because of recent acquisitions in the Middle East. If the ISIS purchase of the Hawks goes through, the addition of Al Horford and Elton Brand would send the radical terrorist to the top of the league.”

Ex-NBA owner Donald Sterling joyfully spoke on the issue saying that, “I think an ISIS owned team would be a good fit for the league. There is no place in the league for racism and I believe that Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi would bring a presence of Arabic diversity that the NBA needs!”

Many factors still have to fall in place before ISIS can lock down the team, but these talks are shaping up to what could be the most groundbreaking acquisition since the Viet Cong bought a share of the Lakers in the 1968.

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