Deep Plunge

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My hull hits the hibernal sea 

I allow the familiar lull and push to take control

Steel shackles of guilt and shame plunge me towards the floor

Tendrils of eelgrass grab my ankles, pulling me further into the pain

My body aches with agony 

With the reminiscent feeling of hands gripping onto me 

Trying to hold me down

I look down at the lacerations circling my wrists and my fatigued frame suddenly roars with strength

Take back my body, breaking out of my shackles, shooting upward

My lungs search for desperate gasps of icy air

I scream to the heavens, for the death of my inner child

I know she is up there, she is able to live at peace, away from the angry and lost souls 

Desperate to steal her joy and replace it with suffering 

I look up towards the sky and let the kind sun kiss my teary cheeks 

I speak to myself now, I know she can hear me despite the fact that I don’t move my lips 

I am so sorry for how they have hurt you but I am ready for us to heal.

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