Dear “Liberal” Vermont

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Written by J.S.

Dear “Liberal” Vermont,

Fuck you.

I fear you’re not aware of how un-liberal you are. How can you claim such a title when you cannot even accept those unlike you in your ranks. “The second whitest state in America.” Believe me. We know. There’s a reason for that.

We can see the looks on your faces, like you’ve never seen someone black before. Like we’ve ruined your little town. It’s almost like you preferred the segregation.

It’s a shame you’ve gotten me started. I bet no one has called you out before. Almost as shameful as the fact that you don’t know how to watch your mouths.

“Nigga” gets thrown around like a ball by your tainted lips. Do you not understand the context? The answer is no. You do not. And you do not care to.

“Nigger” is used in the classroom and professors do not warn nor do they care about the wounds they reopen. How dare you tell us to get a thicker skin. Tell that to the scars of my people that suffered at the hands of yours who used that same word to demean us.

Say it to my face as some jackass downtown calls me and my friends niggers and spit at us. Take that as a dare.

Fuck you “Liberal” Vermont.

Let’s talk about Selma. Let’s talk about Alabama. It wasn’t even cotton. It was tobacco. At least get the crop right. Black history is more than picking cotton. You need to know that it’s not a sign of empowerment. It’s still oppression.

Black people really can’t catch a break. Even designer labels produce products with black face. Or a noose. And in February of all months. And what do you all have to say? “But you have Black History Month.”

Black History Month is a washed down version of the reparations we never received. Black history is American history. Don’t forget the backs broken to create the foundation of a nation that is now an atrocity.

Ignorance runs rampant on this campus, and it feels like our comments fall on deaf ears.

Fuck you “Liberal” Vermont.

My friend gets confronted by a right swipe on Tinder, and he says, “I didn’t know you were that dark.”

Fuck you “Liberal” Vermont.

A white SUV drives through these streets and eggs someone who I consider to be a brother, all while they scream and call him a nigger.

Fuck you “Liberal” Vermont.

A student sees the white nationalist posters on campus and shares her fear with faculty. She is on crutches. If they come, she cannot run. She is told to get a walking buddy.

Fuck you “Liberal” Vermont.

A white nationalist stalks the first Female African American State Representative and does not get charged.

Fuck you “Liberal” Vermont.

You say that me and my people go too hard for our cause. It’s only because you don’t want to check your privilege. I wish it was as simple as us complaining. If you cannot see that the problem is systematic, you are the problem. Do not tell me that we’re victimizing ourselves or overreacting. It’s like we’re in Jim Crow again, or maybe we never left. You’ve gotten better at your subtle racism. It’s almost like a whisper under your breath. Or your stares as I walk beside you on this campus.

We are People of Color, and as a community we say:

Fuck you “Liberal” Vermont.

fuck you liberal vermont

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