SWOD: @Horse_ebooks, Radical Literature for a New Millenium

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By Rose Jensen

@Horse_ebooks is a spam Twitter account that was originally created in the summer of 2010 to tweet random snippets of shitty ebooks about horses. However, it seems that the companion website horse-ebooks.com no longer exists in the same form it did then, as following the address redirects to a different ebook website, and the Twitter account has ceased to tweet about horses.

Now it tweets random shit from any searchable ebook on the entire known Internet. At least, that’s the given theory.
I’m not entirely certain how any ebook on the Internet could contain such verbal diarrhea as “can can can can can can can can can SINGULAR. You must, may, or have had You must, may, or have heen You must, may, or have ruled You must,”. To me, @Horse_ebooks is still a mystery. How does it determine what to tweet? How does it tweet? How tweet what do? Tweet do why? Why tweet–
Apologies. I think it’s finally permeated the protective layer around my brain. For your perusal:
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