The Mamba Mentality

Written by: Walter Hill Animation stills by Glen Keane- from the short film "Dear Basketball", 2017 When I learned on January 26 that Kobe Bryant died, I was working. I mourned later that Sunday night, alone and silent on the basketball court. I mourned in the way Kobe the basketball great lived. The morning after he... Continue Reading →

How A French Fry Gave Me PTSD

Written by: Eric Harvey Art by: Grace Monahan January 12, 2020, 2:40 PM-  “The Calm Before The Storm” I was sitting a thousand feet up in the air in a tight and compact tunnel surrounded by strangers all traveling to the same place as me, Burlington Vermont. I closed my eyes; this would be the... Continue Reading →

Crop Tops & Hookups

Written by: Sammie Lee Wilhoit Art by: Grace Monahan Having sex before marriage is a sin. When my friend lost her virginity in high school, I thought her parents would find out. I thought having sex meant giving up on academics and all of the responsibilities of life. I was certain she would get pregnant... Continue Reading →


Written by Sara Mayberry SUP ASTROLOGY WHORES  Y’all have been awful clingy since last time - so this month we’re doing what the signs would Tinder message people (as if a Taurus would message first lol) anyhow here goes some sexy pick-up lines and other sly stuff ;) Aries (March 21- April 19) Hey so... Continue Reading →

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