Lucid Dreamer

Written by Haley Clemens Two years ago, I was stuck in the lowest period of my life. It was ... really bad. Depression had me drowning on land all day, every single day. I very nearly lost myself somewhere in the deep crush of anxiety and loneliness. Like any girl with midwestern blood, I buckled... Continue Reading →

The Fate of the 8th

Written by Artemis Walsh Editorial Note: This was written pre-vote, and we decided to keep it in its original form while including an Addendum at the end.  On May 25, 2018, millions of Irish people will go to the polls to vote in a referendum on the most contentious topic in Irish politics this decade:... Continue Reading →

Why I Feel Bad for Zuckerberg

Written by Walter Proulx Being a Data Analyst, I already knew that there were no ethics around tossing a consumers data to other companies. As seen in Mark Zuckerberg’s testimony in front of congress, it was obvious that Facebook had inadequate guidelines for sharing data. What was also quite evident was the lack of laws surrounding... Continue Reading →

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