New Erotica for Feminists

Written by Jordan Upshaw Almost two years ago, Chivomengro introduced you to The Belladonna, where four kick-ass, accomplished women editors—Caitlin Kunkel, Brooke Preston, Fiona Taylor, and Carrie Wittmer—bring you comedy and satire by women and other marginalized genders, for everyone. The Belladonnas have come a long way since our last article about them. They wrote... Continue Reading →

My Right to Suck

Written by Katrina Berube Photos by Alyssa Luongo   Although gaming is still a male-dominated industry, and although there are still cases of a sort of ‘bro culture’ in some companies (I’m looking at you, Riot Games), I still think that gaming might be more accessible than it has ever been. PCs are getting cheaper... Continue Reading →

Babysitting the Drunks

Written by Hannah Paquette When I went to Montréal with nine of my friends, I had considered the fact that the drinking age there was 18. I don’t have any interest in drinking, but I have nothing against those who do. Quite frankly, I went for the poutine and to visit Montréal in general, but... Continue Reading →

The “Scentsation” of Patricia

Written by Gillianne Ross I started working at Yankee Candle in the summer of 2016. Not long after I started, I was introduced to a regular customer—who for a good ten months, was nameless. In the spirit of the sense of humor we all had at Yankee Candle, we came up with the endearing nickname:... Continue Reading →

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