Completely Happy

May Beetles are things that harass your window at night. They come to your room and beat-beat-BEAT at the glass. They wake you up and make you think someone is there to kill you. No one ever is, and it’s a little sad when we’re disappointed about that. Sophia Melora Kaplan MacToning IV was born... Continue Reading →

On Being Cool

Children don’t seem to care much about “being cool”—they have not yet fallen victim to such a false state of mind. They know what is cool: big bugs are cool. Bright colors are cool. Moving fast, yelling loudly, running, and jumping—those are cool. In their lack of self-awareness, they are free from the futile act... Continue Reading →

Echoes of Charlie

The Girl in Blood. The first time I heard of Charlie was when The Girl in Blood showed up on my front porch. Red ran down her face in streams. Faces bleed a lot when they’re cut. The moth-clumped porch light cast insect-filtered rays onto her face. Glass glittered in her skin. For a moment,... Continue Reading →

Your Horoscopes for November

Aries (March 21- April 19) Finals week is almost here Aries, and I know you’ve been putting off that paper you were assigned two weeks ago—so you know what you should do? Put some comfy sweatpants on and rewatch Stranger Things to iron out your perfect fan theory. Just email your teacher in the morning... Continue Reading →

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