The “Gone Girl” Dichotomy

Written By: Zoe Leone Art By: Alyssa Luongo Amy Dunne is a seemingly picturesque literary character. When we first met Amy, she’s perfect. Perfect blonde hair, perfect willowy frame, perfect privileged background. She’s a damsel in distress; her marriage started out like a fairytale, but has turned into an abusive nightmare. Then she goes missing,... Continue Reading →

Lessons In Trauma

Written By: Kate Doe Art By: Kate Doe I am molded by my traumatic life experiences. Each has taught me a lesson in strength and decision making. From each trauma, I further dug myself into a depressive hole to protect my mind and body from anything else that could affect me. Yet from one incident,... Continue Reading →

Skate Park Fun

Written By: Emma Florez Art By: Alyssa Luongo You know that fragile state you’re in when someone rejects you where you are liable to do just about anything? This was the state I found myself in one early fall night at the skatepark.  Everyone was running up the ramps, but because I was in Sad... Continue Reading →

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