Toilet Talk

When I first when to the male’s bathroom, I was very strategic about it. I decided to go in the middle of a class time on the fourth floor of the CCM building, which doesn’t have a lot of classrooms on it in the first place. To my relief, the bathroom was empty, and I... Continue Reading →

Your Horoscope for May

  Aries (March 21- April 19) The fiery entrance you brought to spring is finally cooling down, Aries. But you’re still in the mood to have a fun time. With the formal season coming up, consider covering yourself in blood and glitter to crash a prom full of teens. If all goes well, maybe you’ll... Continue Reading →

Salt & Wonder

Like many students who go to Champlain College, Thomas Rose decided to study abroad. Unlike those before him, Thomas decided to make the most out of this trip by creating a magazine.  Rose's destination of choice was Lisbon, Portugal. Offering a huge blast of rich culture, this capital city gave Thomas the inspiration to start a project... Continue Reading →

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