About Us


Chivomengro was founded in 2012 on the campus of Champlain College. Since then, the writers and editorial team at Chivomengro have become prime purveyors of collegiate whatever. Whether it’s angst, angst, or angst—we serve it up hot and fresh on a monthly basis.

While not particularly goal-oriented, the one thing Chivomengro has stayed true to is a commitment to the writer—our contributors write what they want, when they want. And we, the mere editorial team, take pride in publishing essays on the human experience; reviews of pop culture, music, and movies. We highly encourage submissions from Champlain College students and alumni and remain open for reading on a rolling basis.

Chivomengro is a non-literary, nonfiction entity that eats bagels for every meal and forgets to water their plants. Despite all this, we’re still sexier than your mom. We can be reached at chivsubmissions@gmail.com.


Editor in Chief:
Jessica Schultz, Catherine Butrick

Editor at Large:
Erik Shonstrom

Managing Editors:
Jordan Upshaw, Gillianne Ross, Hannah Paquette

Art Director: Haley Clemens, Alyssa Luongo

Media Director:
Hannah Rein